Sunday, December 18, 2016

Couples workouts: Make it a date

Make a date with your partner to workout together.  You will get fit and fit together better.  You can lift weights together, train for a 5K or if you are adventurous sign up for couples yoga!  Sweating together is a good way to reduce stress, increase your fitness, improve your sex life and build better communication.  When you work out together both partners come away with feelings of synchronicity, cooperative energy, a shared experience and shared passion.  Add the inevitable endorphins that come from a good sweat sessions and you can really boost your relationship. 

Most obviously, working out together will impact your sex life because exercise helps you feel better about yourself and increases your self-esteem.   Exercise frequency leads to enhanced feelings of attractiveness and increased energy levels – both of which can increase sexual desirability and performance.  Additionally, the time you spend in the gym suddenly becomes “us” time.  The more time you spend together the more intimate you will feel towards your partner. 

Your performance in the gym will increase.  By working out as a couple you can face the challenge together through positive reinforcement.  There is the obvious verbal feedback of “push for 1 more rep” or “let’s do another lap” but also you can give observational feedback such as correcting your partner’s form on an exercise or position.  This sense of altruism and camaraderie can continue outside of the gym and seep into your daily routines to strengthen your partnership. 

Many studies have demonstrated the physical and emotional benefits of regular exercise.  When you workout as a couple, these benefits spill over into the relationship.  Exercising together is a good way to work through conflicts.  The benefits of working out such as less stress, better sleep and a sharper brain will all help you navigate the years together.  When you see your partner working as hard as you in the gym, it is easy to trust you can tackle problems outside the gym with the same intensity. 

It is important not to compete one on one, unless you are equally accomplished and both enjoy the activity.  Keep the emphasis on the health and fitness outcomes and not competition.  The most exciting thing you can do in the gym is trying something new for both of you.  Join a “Zumba“ class, hire a personal trainer to show you the ropes, or sign up for hot yoga.   If you are new to the weight room or a group fitness class just having a buddy will change your confidence.  When you feel like you belong, you do!  And when you try something new and different it can bring you closer together. 

Finally, just going to the gym together and doing separate workouts has its benefits.  Get the day and time on the calendar and get your bodies moving together.  The benefits reach beyond the gym doors.